Sushi House Asian Fusion - Asian Fusion Sushi House NMB Overcharges!

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Me and my girlfriend took out our friends that just got engaged to Asian Fusion Sushi House in NMB to celebrate. We ordered a boat for 4, which cost $120. When they brought us the boat, we were astonished, all the pieces were so tiny, I could have ate that all by myself in one sitting, and I am not a big guy. I used to work in a sushi restaurant in the past, and i can say it was no more than $35 of sushi and maybe $20 of sashimi!!!! With tax and tip it totaled out to $155 for the boat. It ruined me and my girlfriend's entire night. Other than that our waiter was very nice.

15911 Biscayne Blvd

North Miami Beach, FL 33160

(305) 947-6002



Thanks for the review. We have these in Dallas and I was always wondering how they'd be.

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